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Puma Smartwatch Overview: This Smartwatch Just isn't as Atheltic As It Looks | Digital Fashion

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Puma Smartwatch

Score Details

“The Puma Smartwatch unquestionably looks your part, however fails to function.”

  • Sleek along with sporty design
  • Built-in GPS
  • Sharp, shiny screen

  • Slow and laggy
  • Poor battery power life
  • Uncomfortable
  • Too expensive

MSRP $275.00

As the third most well known sportswear producer in the world, Puma is a big label, but the simply-named The puma company Smartwatch is the business's first foray into the playing field of smartwatches. Manufactured by a Fossil Cluster, the The puma corporation Smartwatch has a familiarized set of criteria and operates Google's Put on OS.

Puma provides overseen a sporty layout and offers an application of its own personal with some further fitness features than you might find at typical Put on OS pieces, but it's as well one of the slowest and then buggiest we've tried – a superior price to pay to keep fit.

Design and comfort

The The puma company Smartwatch definitely is visually the part. It's slick and very stream-lined with an eye-catching splash of paint that variations black by means of dayglow yellow. This really is a smartwatch that's difficult ignore. It is really reminiscent of the Guess Sport, very little just a simple crown plus the flanking buttons you find for Fossil's smartwatches are gone.

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

A smooth, perfectly round, aluminium, beveled dial is usually held in dark colored plastic of which extends out of your lugs and has cutaway meals to achieve the eye popping two-tone look. Your crown is yellow using the Puma customized logo stamped upon it.

The Puma Smartwatch has a silicone band with a black latch and you will find that The puma company logo imprinted on the stop. Because the Puma Smartwatch is featherweight and easy, it moves easily underneath your cuff and rarely is snagged – some thing which can be an problem with an oversized observe like the Diesel-powered On Axial.

The dayglow straw yellow prevents doing it from merging in, then again. The Puma Smartwatch looks out of place with a button-up clothing in an business office setting and also with a casual outfit in the bar; this is usually a smartwatch that wants going to the gym or even go sprinting.

I expected the actual silicone tie and light excess weight to can lead to a smartwatch that's easy to put aside you're using, but in reality I found the Puma Smartwatch a little difficult. The distinctive silicone put is a bit stiffer than many other silicone straps I've used.

On the furthermore side, it grips for your wrist and then the oversized finish of the transmission ensures that it may never board and batten loose, still during hectic workouts. Though you can switch the band conveniently, it may prove tricky to find an option that matches our body. There are 5 Puma constructed watch face on offer plus they're all slightly dull. They just do not fit in with all of the other design in relation to color as well as look, beyond the omnipresent The puma company logo.

The 2.19-inch AMOLED display feels good while in the 44mm casing and it is sharp, well lit, and readable in most lumination conditions.

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

The The puma company Smartwatch has a different look that suits the brand, nonetheless it feels and appears a little low-cost and is different in a lousy way in non-sporty environments. There are a reduced amount of striking the white kind of and went up by gold and also black and grey color possibilities in some industries that might have access to a bit more stylistic variety.

Software and performance

While Utilize OS appears to be good, very easy perform well. This really is a complaint I had created with the Ervin Kors Access Lexington A pair of, and it's the complaint my personal colleague experienced with the Seiko Gen Several, but it is all totally even worse with the Puma Smartwatch. My partner and i encountered a whole lot of random snowy when using that smartwatch, it typically lagged when I swiped the screen, and it appeared to be consistently slow to place apps.

The The puma company Smartwatch does activity the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Be dressed in 3100 processor, unfortunately someone built the malfunctioning decision to complement 512MB of RAM instead of 1GB. The primary difference in every daytime use, as opposed to Wear Operating-system smartwatches I have tested recently which use the 1GB associated with RAM is certainly pronounced. That Puma Smartwatch is usually frustrating to make use of; it's slow-moving and it has to always be reset much too often.

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

The rounding about crown is helpful and is the easiest method to get alright control when trying to swipe down or up a list. Additionally you can install a handful of apps on the Play Retail store, from searching lists to music handles to all types of fitness methods. While day spa san francisco choices previously, the general higher level of polish and even functionality shouldn't be very impressive, but pales in comparison to the Apple company Watch's dedicated Iphone app Store.

The The puma company Smartwatch does have an important microphone, to help you to use Yahoo Assistant from your very own wrist, very little no lecturer so the response come in words form. There's also support to get Google Pay out, so you can give from your hand, which is invaluable at times.

Internally, typically the Puma Smartwatch contains 4GB with storage for music as well as apps. Many of the other recent Fossil comes out boast 8 gb.

GPS and app compatibility

As an unashamedly nice looking overall device, your Puma Smartwatch ought to shine while in the fitness area and I think dealing. You've got Bing Fit provided for common tracking, ladies heart rate monitor, built-in Gps navigation, and 5 various ATM water proofing enabling you to transfer with it on the subject of.

While Google Compliment is enough for casual people to index chart their growth each day, much more athletes really need to try out typically the PUMATRAC app that comes installed on all of the Puma Smartwatch, however will also need to mount the mate app (with respect to Android and / or iOS) on your pda. PUMATRAC enables you to result in the phone both at home and have the Puma Smartwatch track any heart rate, length, pace, slope, and calories expended. It's also jam packed with workouts, lets you set up a fitness training agenda, and even delivers coaching.

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

I learned that the The puma corporation Smartwatch worked well for fitness tracking in general, but on your couple of events it battled to establish some sort of GPS deal with and it also decided not to sync in the Google Match app on my cell phone sometimes. There wasn't any obvious root cause of this. Beats per minute, steps, not to mention distance details all looks like pretty specific.

Battery life

Puma optimistically suggests they'll give you 24 hours with battery life by reviewing the Smartwatch, but I under no circumstances came in close proximity to that. Doing it got everybody through an common day, but only by turning to the life of the battery saver way in the evening. As a very brightness user possibly it will bear you to night time. If you want to trace your heart beat and you find a lot of notifies or work with other blog, then you can expect to see it to exercise out of steam in the early daytime.

The charging support has a magnetic contact and yes it stays set up nicely. It will only take around an hour to help charge up, nonetheless you'll likely let it sit charging overnight anyway.

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

Price, number, and warranty

The The puma company Smartwatch costs $275 (or simply 249 Caribbean pounds) and you'll buy special from the Puma website or possibly from different retailers. It features a standard 2 year limited warrantee that contains defects in material and workmanship according to normal implement for the period commencing on the date of purchase and continuing for 2 years.

Our take

The The puma company Smartwatch is a accustomed Wear Operating-system device provided by Fossil which is let down through low Cram which delivers even buggier performance than the run-of-the-mill Wear OS device, along with poor battery life does it certainly no favors, perhaps. It looks fantastic and outstanding good variety of fitness progress features, but it is too expensive for that which you get.

Are now there any selections?

If it's principally a fitness traffic monitoring watch you have been after, the Samsung Universe Watch Effective 2 is the best bet, this is almost precisely the same price found at $280 or $300 to suit one's size you select. It has greater software, a lot more comprehensive physical activity tracking, and battery life.

For iphone4 owners the modern Apple Observe is the clear choice. It's a lot more overpriced, starting from $400, but it can be superior atlanta divorce attorneys way. If that is too much, look at the Apple Look at Series 4 which goes for the purpose of $200 or $230 with regards to the size you ultimately choose; it's still a better option than the Puma Smartwatch.

How long did it last?

It boasts water resistance approximately 50 metres, but the Puma Smartwatch has an material body and plastic lugs, having something made difficult to assert how well it takes the hits. It should last a couple of years.

Should acquire one?

No. You will discover better options available for the same funds or much less.

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