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Livia Claims That It Gets Rid Of Interval Cramps, Yet Does It Work?

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There are many “remedies” pertaining to period pains that have many different success rates.

Women what individuals experience moment pain have a very few selections: They can rest around not to mention let the globe stop up to the point they feel more desirable (not a practical option for most), they can popular over-the-counter pain relievers up until pain goes away (and hazard the potential unwanted side effects of acquiring too many of persons medications), and also they can look online through databases of natural cures that may or even may not do the job.

Now there's a finally option such as a technical gadget called Livia, which in turn promises respite from pain. Choice to give Livia a consideration to see if it really works.

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What is Livia?

Livia is usually a wearable device anyone affix to your stomach. In short, it's likely to block ache signals within the lady portions and your mental faculties. Livia is a 10s device made by iPulse Medical. 10's, which is short for transcutaneous electrical lack of feeling stimulation, heats up sending constant, mild energy pulses thru electrodes and to your skin alongside your sensory pathways. These particular electrical pulses are supposed to allow block out the agony signals which often travel through nervousness.

While Livia is a 10s unit just like ones you may buy online (exactly like it), the makers regarding Livia claim their particular product is more suitable because it recently the right variety of electrical pulses  (in terms of oftenness and extent) to block the specific type of pain in connection with menstruation.

At a search, Livia kind of seems as if an old-school Mp3 music player. It's a minor, 55 by 55 millimeters square product encased inside of a removable event. On the equipment, there's a electricity button, a vital button, a new minus control key, and a put. You use the furthermore and less buttons to modify the level. There's also one port to plug in any electrodes and another in order to plug in all the micro Universal series bus charging cable connection. You can mask Livia under you actually clothes not to mention wear it cautiously out in manifeste.

Erika Rawes/Digital Trends

Applying and dressing in it

Overall, Livia is easy to utilize. The electrode wedding flower pads appear pre-applied with pastes. So, everything you should do is normally charge the 780, plug your electrodes into the dock, remove the safety plastic, and set the two electrodes on your abdomen. That is needed a few moments for trial and error to determine the ideal placement for the electrodes, however not a really difficult process.

Livia could be very small, which means that no one can reveal to when you're wearing it. Just put the device on your clothing, and you will inconspicuously rock the item while you begin your daily fun-based activities. You could in comfort wear it to focus, while running errands, or whilst exercising without any subject. Don't try to move with it, nevertheless, because it's definitely not waterproof. You can put on the device for approximately one 10 hours. You can wear the idea while asleep or using an afternoon sleep, but it most likely is not a good idea to don through the night.

The technology behind Livia

The brewers of Livia promise it eliminates menstrual pain, increases ideas of healthiness and is an overall safe treatment. But does the research upon TENS devices back these types of claims?

According for a report published in the Domestic Center regarding Biotechnology Knowledge, U.Ohydrates. National Library of Medicine, “Both HF (significant frequency) and LF (low volume) TENS (have got) been shown to offer analgesia specifically the moment applied from a strong, non-painful intensity.” Having said that, over time, an individual can form some sort of tolerance to precisely the same TENS rate of recurrence, intensity, and additionally pulse duration. The report as well says that 10's can improve the entire concentration of hormones in the blood vessels, which gives quite a few credibility so that you can Livia's well-being claims.

Does the software relieve period pain?

I experimented with Livia for monthly period pain. I didn't use virtually any menstrual treatment medications within the treatment, which includes NSAIDs like advil or Naproxen, in conjunction with the Livia device, niether did I personally use them any other time period medications for instance Midol.

As I mentioned in advance of, I had to adapt the placement of this electrodes a few times to get them on the ideal spot, and I also had to reluctantly adjust the heartbeat setting. An ideal placement and additionally settings is going to be different for everybody. The unit includes 16 strength settings. My partner and i set the gps unit on the level-7 environment, and in just five minutes, this began to offer relief. The item made found myself on much more probable without the use of any specific medication. I had say that all round, my pain were cut down by 75 %, which is pretty significant.

I have notice a good itching sensing on the skin after wearing the device for several a lot of time. But, which sensation went away 20 to 30 seconds after eliminating the electrodes. The battery went on for approximately 14.5 time before I needed to charge this mobile phone, but it got to a full demand again immediately (in something like 70 seconds).

Should you buy this?

Because everyone is different, Livia may help some people much more than others. The software helped me, and others have announced that Livia will make pain associated with conditions for instance endometriosis more endurable. But quote that some other users say the device turn up useful info for them. If you want to buy Livia, it'll cost you $158 concerning Amazon, which happens to be admittedly just a little pricey.

Recently, then again, some of our readership informed us that they've become having issues making use of their units broken as supposed. We hit out to Livia for the statement, which means you'll find companyname's mailing address response following.

“As is the case with numerous small companies and then startups, we've got experienced a lot of growing discomforts. Unfortunately, for that small percentage of our customers many of our service degrees have not met our standards or the requirements. Importantly, we're learning along the way and are actively making the necessary improvements to our own fulfillment as well as customer service division. Our ambition is be sure all of our buyers remain content – and not just along with your product (that about 97% of these most certainly are generally), but with some of our service to boot.

Our company was founded to help girls finally find the actual effective, fast-acting, drug-free getting rid of menstrual problems they are entitled to. Because you want to enable each woman to sense safe trying Livia, there's an easy very generous 120-day money-back guarantee. We desire our people to really see the product, sit and think with it, this may let you fair possible opportunity to make up the male mind about whether or not they wish to keep it. A small number of companies get such a guidelines.

While the vast majority of the customers are very happy with our service, we are functioning methodically so that all of our users receive not simply the unrivaled menstrual comfort they ought to have, but the unparalleled service they will deserve.”

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