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LucasFilm and Lenovo build AR 'Star Wars' experiences with new headset

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  • Disney subsidiary LucasFim and Lenovo have connected for any smartphone-based augmented reality (AR) headset that could bring “Star Wars” experiences like lightsaber fights, Holochess and epic battles to users, as stated by Fortune.
  • Some on the games for the AR headset were previewed at Disney’s D23 Expo by Mike Goslin, VP of advanced development at Disney, including battles with life-sized Stormtroopers, a circular Holochess board and pint-sized Rebel Alliance forces moving across a carpeted bedroom, per Fortune. A preview video also seems to depict a lightsaber peripheral.
  • The project’s focus on AR rather than the more immersive virtual reality (VR) experience could be an indication that smartphone-enabled AR might be a more inviting technology than the costlier VR hardware, Fortune speculated .

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AR broke within the mainstream last summer while using the viral hit game Pokemon Go, an application that gave marketers a blueprint?as to how the technology could tie together the mobile experience with the offline world. Disney clearly desires to tap into that prime degree of engagement, additionally, the sustained cultural draw and in most cases rabid fandom around “Star Wars” might overcome some consumers’ reservations about buying into standalone AR hardware compared with simply a mobile app. ?

Late recently, the International Data Corporation forecast a 196.4% compound annual growth rate for AR headsets over the next 5yrs when compared to 100.7% for virtual reality (VR) headsets. Major media and entertainment the likes of Disney checking out their unique hardware as well as emerging technology startups via the Disney Accelerator program suggests the growing desire for practically and could spur more mainstream adoption.?

While the rollout continues to be somewhat slow, there was young adults AR- and VR-driven marketing campaigns this year, specifically in entertainment. Recently, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Dell announced VR and AR experiences for your launch of “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and Universal released a VR experience for “The Mummy.”?

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